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The joints, muscles, and nerves of our body are prone to the stress and strain of everyday life.  Although occasionally trauma and injury are to blame for the pain, many times it is the long-term, non-traumatic stress (such as repetitive motion, postural weakness, and emotional strain) that leads to the on-going and recurring symptoms.  When a patient comes to our office with a concern of chronic pain, our examination is likely going to focus on the nerves, muscles, and joints of the spine and its associated structures (pelvis, shoulder bones, etc.)  All of these parts need to work together properly in order for our body to have proper function and pain free motion...when any of these tissues becomes irritated, injured, or stressed, it can cause a number of symptoms.  The joints and discs of our spine undergo the daily stress of gravity and must remain flexible and stable in order for us to move...if it is stressed with poor posture, core weakness, or an abnormal motion pattern, it can lead to daily pain.  Our spinal column protects our spinal cord, but as the nerves leave the spinal cord to travel to the other parts of our body, they travel near the discs and joints of the vertebrae (the bones of the spine).  If there is inflammation, abnormal motion, or injured tissues in this area it can cause the nerve to be irritated, resulting in pain, tingling, or numbness in various parts of the body.  In addition to the physical stress that can cause these symptoms, emotional stress frequently leads to abnormal muscles tightening and a strained posture throughout the spine.  No matter how long you have been struggling with these symptoms, we have the answer...Conservative, drugless, non-surgical CHIROPRACTIC CARE!  By restoring the normal function and structure of the joints, muscles, and nerves, and removing the stress on these tissues, we allow the body to heal properly and move optimally resulting in a significant reduction in the irritation, inflammation, and pain.  This allows you to be the BEST YOU!

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