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The neck, upper back, and shoulders are prone to the stress and strain of everyday life.  Trauma (including automobile accidents, sports injuries, and falls) can lead to localized tissue injury and can have long-term effects if left untreated.  Non-traumatic stress (such as repetitive motion, postural weakness, and emotional strain) can also lead to on-going and recurring symptoms.  When a patient comes to our office with a concern of headaches, neck pain, upper back pain, or shoulder pain, our examination is likely going to focus on the upper-half of the spine (cervical spine and upper thoracic spine), the associated ribs, the scapulae (or shoulder blades), the clavicles (or collar bones), and the associated muscles, nerves, and soft tissues.  All of these parts need to work together properly in order for our body to have proper function and pain free motion...when any of these tissues becomes irritated, injured, or stressed, it can cause a number of symptoms.  For example, postural strain in the upper neck can frequently lead to headaches.  Lower neck injury can cause nerve pain into the arm, shoulder, or upper back.  Imbalances in the upper back can lead to movement problems in the shoulders causing tendonitis, bursitis, and rotator cuff strain.  In addition to the physical stress that can cause these symptoms, emotional stress frequently leads to abnormal muscles tightening and a strained posture in the neck and upper back.  Although many things can be affected and can present itself with a wide-variety of symptoms, we have the answer...Conservative, drugless, non-surgical CHIROPRACTIC CARE!  By restoring the normal function and structure of the joints, muscles, and nerves, and removing the stress on these tissues, we allow the body to heal properly resulting in a significant reduction in the irritation, inflammation, and pain.  This allows you to be the BEST YOU!

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